About Us

Samanci Group entered the textile sector in Istanbul by the founder of our company, Oktay Samanci, in 1989, and founded Evermen Triko in 2001.

With the brands Büke, Halifaks and Evermen within its structure, it prepares collections for nearly 6000 wholesale and retail dealers in Turkey and abroad and also produces them. Samanci presents its special collections to its customers in Osmanbey, Merter and Laleli stores.

Samanci makes menswear production in Turkey since 1989. With its large production volume, quality sewing and fast product delivery, it produces the products of many major brands and its own collections. It provides all the necessary services to its customers in the production of men’s clothing.

There are also factories in Küçükçekmece and Güngören, both of which are located in Istanbul, and produce knitting and sewing with the latest technologies. Serving in two factories, Evermen Triko has an annual production capacity of 3.300.000 pieces.

Apart from the textile industry, the group also operates in the Tourism and Construction sectors. It operates in the construction sector with Istanbul Küçükçekmece Courthouse, Halifaks Hotel Nişantaşı and Büke Hotel Şişli.

In the service area, Büke Hotel Şişli and Halifaks Hotel Nişantaşı and Şişli, which is one of the favorite locations of Istanbul, also welcomes its guests from Turkey and abroad.

Samanci Group, working towards ensuring customer trust and satisfaction, which is the first priority for itself, and continues to take firm steps, aims at the highest quality in all sectors it serves.