Samanci Group acquired the Büke brand, which has been operating in the field of textiles since 1934, in 2003 and incorporated it. The collections prepared with the Büke brand are presented to the customers in Osmanbey and Laleli stores.

With its high quality workmanship and products, Büke is in a position to compete with world brands in the ready-to-wear sector, and offers its products to its customers both in Turkey and abroad with its wide marketing network.

Russia, Poland, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Morocco, Kazakhstan France, Egypt, Libya, Iran, Syria and the United States of America are among the leading countries.

Adding other networks to Büke’s wide customer portfolio and taking steps to guide today’s menswear industry have always been important parameters at the point of brand value.

In this sense, we make investments and conduct long-term studies to increase our strength.

Our goal is to move our brand forward with a universal thought, production and presentation without compromising our quality, line and high production effort.