Since its foundation in 1989, SAMANCI GROUP has started to the men’s activewear sector with its brands, has created its brands with 100% Turkish capital and finally opened its doors with HALIFAX STYLE, which is the last brand of the group by e-commerce sector. Elegant, quality, innovative and design-oriented collections, it offers to the taste of the customers as a different brand in men’s fashion.

HALIFAX STYLE also has a high production capacity and a pioneering position with its detailed production approach that takes the power of traditional handcrafted elegance. HALIFAX STYLE offers a lifestyle at the same time as men, with a collection understanding that carefully observes world fashion trends and responds to all anticipations of man’s day to night fashion.

Nowadays, SAMANCI GROUP brands, which have become a center of attraction not only for Turkish people but also of Russia and Turkish Republics to North Africa and the Balkans, this time stamps men’s fashion with HALIFAX STYLE.